My apology to people leaving blog comments and being ignored

Being pretty new to the Green Machine Digest blog, I was wondering why I wasn’t getting any reader comments. I figured, well it’s new, and there’s 10 trillion pages for people to visit on the web, so that’s the way it goes. Oh well…

And then I got emails from people on the Automotive Digest team talking about reading, approving, and responding to comments, and the fact that Green Machine Digest already had a few posted. I was directed on how to access the comments, approve them, and respond if I wanted to.

Boy, did I feel dumb. So this is my official apology – mea culpa, mea culpa. I have put into my action plan an instruction: “Check Green Machine Digest blog comments daily and respond accordingly.”

That means sometimes I will respond, sometimes I won’t. Just like you get to post comments, or not.

When you post a comment, it will be marked stating “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”  I will delete or edit comments if they’re obvious spam advertisements or messages that really don’t belong in Green Machine Digest. I need to be the gate keeper. Most importantly, here’s a comment on why we need to have comment approval from someone on our team with expertise in this area: “…because there are web bot crawlers out there that will spam your blogs, and comments like that sometimes drive people away by giving the impression that the blog is not maintained regularly.”

What I ask of you is this: post comments regularly, or at least start with one. If you completely disagree with what I wrote, tell me and everybody else about it. If you think I made mistakes that need to be corrected, tell me clearly what you discovered. If you want to write something that’s only remotely or vaguely connected to green cars and fuels, post it. (I get to do that, too.). If you liked it, got something out of it, tell us your thoughts on the subject.

Links are good, too. Tell people about it, post a link on a page. Let’s get the word out about Green Machine Digest. Thanks very much — I already feel better.


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