Changes in Store for Automotive Digest Green

We very much appreciate emails received on possible changes for the upcoming daily version of Automotive Digest Green. Based on feedback and what I see can working well for us, here’s a rough draft of the format we’ll be using…

  • Monday – Green machines – PEVs, hybrids, fuel cell vehicles, NGVs, propane-powered, flex fuel, super fuel efficient gas and diesel engine, other green transportation modes
  • Tuesday – How to, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – dollars and sense for shoppers/owners, fueling, convenience
  • Wednesday – Energy and fuel – batteries, chargers, renewables, biofuels, natural gas, propane autogas, gas/diesel prices
  • Thursday – Intelligent vehicles taking on traffic gridlock and smog – technology, connectivity, safety, telematics, car sharing and group transportation
  • Friday – Best of, highlights of the week

It will be consumer-centric with a backdrop of players in the game in the auto industry – OEMs, technology and energy providers, associations, analysts, Clean Cities coordinators, fleet managers, and dealers will continue to play important roles. Stay tuned.


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