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Trend and Issue Spotting 2012 – Automotive Channel

Things, developments, movements, and actions are occurring so fast and furious that there seems to be a need to somehow chronicle and monitor what maybe an emerging issue or a definitive trend. Once identified, you will then almost immediately seek … Continue reading

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The Consolidation of the Automotive Industry Providers – And Soon Only Six

The Situation: Over the past year or so, at least 5 major automotive dealer systems and services providers have systematically acquired smaller companies with emerging technologies. These “buying binges” have formed large, consolidated systems platforms with the capability to provide … Continue reading

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How Dealers Can Sell Cars They Don’t Have

The Situation: Consumers who either need or who think they have to buy a new car right now are struggling to find the vehicle, the financing, and the choices they had six months ago. Take Note:  Here is the headline … Continue reading

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