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Powerful & Significant Information & Knowledge Being “Lost” at Industry Conferences

The Situation: The editorial and videographer team for Fleet Management Weekly just returned from nearly 3 days of covering another extraordinarily well programed and scheduled industry conference with strong speaker presentations at the Automotive Fleet and Leasing Association Conference in … Continue reading

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Where the …. is Google Anyway? Searching for a Google We Can’t Find?—Do People Actually Work There?—and Is it all about secrets no one can ever know?

The Situation:  For a long time, Automotive Information Network and and maybe even our counterpart trade publishers have sought to figure how to get not just to the top but into or on to the first page of a … Continue reading

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TMI – Is Too Much Information Asphyxiating (Even Killing) You?

Situation: Go to Google, type in “Information Overload” and you will get over 7 M hits in less than a second. IO is the biggest irritation in our lives. Twenty minutes of commercials out of every hour of broadcasting on … Continue reading

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Watching for Sites And Sources You Will Want to Check Out This Week

Here is a marketing e-newsletter worthy of a quick read and subscribing. Source: The Adotas Internet Advertising Spotlight Section focuses on the leading people and companies of the Internet advertising marketplace. Who is Adotas:? ADOTAS is a premier news publication … Continue reading

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