Sound Really Informed & Blow People Away With How Smart You Are

  1. kittenFracking in California: Energy companies  should be made to disclose the formula of fracking chemicals & stop claiming  it is a trade secret.

2.  Cyber Security– Split reveals Big Tech vs. Grass Roots Group with the House bill pondering.

3.  Bitcoin: New virtual currency prices going up & down but use keeps growing.

4.  Gas Prices: Going down this summer because of lower demand, more efficient cars, global cost of crude; no influence yet from U.S. oil boom; Need for increased domestic oil production.

5. Formula for Predicting Gas Prices:  $1 in Crude prices equals 2.5 cents at pump, up or down.

6.  Foursquare: Raises $41 million. Transforming into Search App; Location feature for the next gen of Internet services.

7.  Bias toward women:  Still  face disadvantages in dealerships; four out 10 women have faced gender discrimination.

8. Hybrid Sales Up 33%: Do you know how to sell electrics & hybrids?

9.  Median Income in U.S.?  $51,400; Average Tax Refund this year = $2.827

10. Selling Gas Mileage– You have a challenge coming as the whole process is

flawed & overstated.

Wanna Look & Be Cool  

Shoes White soles will make you look cool even with a suit.

Books to Buy: Sheryl Sandberg “Lean In” and then act on what she is saying.

Showrooming:   Watch for it right on your dealership’s show room floor.

Tylenol Ingestion: Will relieve your existential pain and feeling of dread .

Wayne’s World:  Know it is 21 years old and you still need to know who Dana Carney is.

French Connection:  Director Friedkin says you are only as good as your last sale or gig.


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