5 Things to Do If You Are Going to NADA (& 5 Things To Do If You Aren’t)

Situation: You are either among the chosen management from the dealership that is/are going to Orlando or you are staying  back to keep everything going while the bosses are away — or your dealership may not be going to NADA at all this year.

Real World Situation:  You are going to be in manufacturer meetings, lunching with your dealer friends from other states, picking peoples’ brains, walking the aisles of the exhibit floor, visiting the booths of products and services you are considering or heard about, and maybe going to Disney or one those theme parks with the family or associates.

Getting the Most for a Lot: It costs bucks to go to NADA. So maybe some suggestions, ideas, or actions might help you get the most out the zoo-like activities at NADA as you plan out how you will be spending the 3 or 4 big days in and around NADA in great Orlando Tourist Centers.

5 Things You Might Do While You are at NADA:

  1. Figuring Out Where to Go: Plot The Vendor Booths & Hospitality Suites you want to explore & go there with a specific objective(s) or problems in search of a solution.
  2. Taking Away Something from Franchise Sessions: Be sure you get to the OEM-Dealer Meetings; Talk to Franchise Management; Make notes on stuff you want to take back home to your dealership team. Ask hard questions. Insist on answers and solutions.
  3. Getting New Ideas & Inspiration: Send one of your team to at least half of the NADA Workshops, General Sessions & Booth presentations.  Insist that whomever goes comes back with specific new ideas, insights, and action that can be adopted by the dealership (or a report that the event or presentation was useless).
  4. Looking for Answers & Solutions: Make a list of the new products & services you want to check out,  gain a demo, and really understand what problems or needs you have back at the dealership.  Confer with your dealership management team to be sure you understand what the real problems and needs in the dealership are.
  5. Prepping Your Head: Make a stack of your reading on the Airplane and at Starbucks; Check out sites and download articles from trade and business magazines that get you “psyched.”  If you are reading on your cell, iPad, or laptop then make a list of the possible solutions to issues or problems in the dealership that you find in your reading and the catalytic impact on your ability to come up with creative ideas.

5 Things to Do If You are Staying Behind to Keep the Dealer-Ship Afloat

  1. Calling a Meeting: When everyone comes home, insist on a meeting in the conference room to get briefed; ask your GM, your dealer, and/or your boss for a listing of the takeaways they learned, saw, or found at NADA. What was NADA like this year?
  2. Serving Up “Meat” from OEM Meetings: Find out specifically or intuitively what the Factory /OEM meetings were all about. What did they say about issues, problems, and new stuff that you have been asking about or dealing with? Did they learn anything you need to know
  3. Sorting Out Whiz Bang Apps: As the NADA delegation to tell you what was the hottest/bestest product/service they saw?  How can we get this technology, system,  or service into your department  or the dealership pronto?
  4. Buying Solutions to Real Problems: What did the NADA team buy or sign up for?  What does these new systems, software, or services do for the dealership and how can your department use it now?
  5. Getting Inside Information: How can we capitalize on what you heard, saw, and overheard including rumors, changes?  Did we learn something we could have learned if we had not gone to NADA? What did it really cost to get to Orlando?  Did the dealership gain a strategic or tactical advantage of the competition across the street?
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