What will a Cyberattack do to Car Sales and Dealerships the Day of and Afterward?

Situation:  As the number of cyberattacks on banks have increased, banks are being admonished to get out and prevent these attacks. Major financial institutions are now investing big and scrambling to bring in hardware, systems and people together to ward off any possible cyberattack or breach of security.

Probable future situation: A cyberattack by international or U.S. base hackers will occur and a massive shut down of the Internet will happen in the future even though banks claim that no data has been compromised.

The big question: What would happen to the sales, service and financing of the automotive market if the Internet went down for as much as two or three days? What would be the cost of lost sales, time and vehicle demand?

An even bigger question? Are the major systems, software and service companies really prepared to deal with such a catastrophe?  If they are, do their dealer and OEM customers know this and are they prepared with backup planning and contingency preparation?  What will happen to the Internet, mobility and programming systems in vehicles designed to “run,” start and drive without the interface, linkage and programming from the Internet?

The Internet has become the path, road and/or track upon which the entire daily activities of dealer distributors are dependent. Joint and partnered agreements, arrangements and actions are needed immediately to help forge systems disaster planning, coordinating and/or functions.

Does such a plan or contingency exist in the disaster planning of each systems provider, automotive dealers or OEM? If so, who knows about it and should we not be talking about it and preparing?

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