Where the …. is Google Anyway? Searching for a Google We Can’t Find?—Do People Actually Work There?—and Is it all about secrets no one can ever know?

The Situation:  For a long time, Automotive Information Network and www.automotivedigest.com and maybe even our counterpart trade publishers have sought to figure how to get not just to the top but into or on to the first page of a search for even the most prominent news feature of the day.

A Further Confounding Situation: Multiple applications to be a recognized and legitimate news source for Google News have went into the “Great Google” No Persons Land –with not even an acknowledgement of the application, nor even an email, let alone and God Forbid — a phone number or a customer service phone call.

Can One Write on Google’s Wall? While I am confident that there must be support and communications from and with Google at some level, there appears to be no human beings at Google. They do stuff – They do not TALK or respond , They are far too big, important, and of superiority and understanding to possibly help people of the press – after all They probably have already taken over the 4th Estate and the Estates surrounding it.

What has been the issues for trade press? We were told-that –and we began using —keywords and even tags would drive up traffic on www.automotivedigest.com which it has a little for a while. Intense and sustained social media has also helped build traffic somewhat. No other automotive trade media has more video content than AIN Media—so forget Google or even Bing helping you to search and find you latest video – it up on YouTube, and they own it.

What have we done about it? Constantly coming up with an updated list of key words, alt tags, and summaries in the content management systems; hired at least 3 consultants, who have been unable to really do anything to solve the problem or deal with our ignorance or lack of understanding of who we were, let alone try to figure out Google. We have bugged and interrogated all of our webitors, tech and design teams, even casual conversations with industry techies and some unsuspecting souls in the coffee line at Peets and Starbucks.

Could Industry Gurus & Consultants Unlock the Secrets of the Google Garden? Hopefully – they have enabled the dealers to really use search effectively – organic and paid. Generally, queries and probes about content search in trade press have rendered no solutions either.  Maybe one could even say that we have been told “This is not a problem—here is what you do”. There has been a large strain of secrecy about how they had found the key to the gate of the Google Garden of Search Fruit. We then seemed to become overwhelmed with another solution confounded solutions that do not seem to understand or to realize that searching for content in the trade publishing is different from  a search for car in Milwaukee. .

Why has the AutomotiveTrade Press Got To Make Google Work? It is all about managing and finding content from here on — searching, tracking, and  measurement of the content itself. Content is now the single most important communications service provided by trade media like www.dealerdigestdaily.com – it is no longer advertising, whether it be print or bannering or even advertorials. We want to get the significant and carefully edited original, repurposed, and sourced content out there for an increasing audience to ingest—but most of all the must be able to find what we post every day and not just the New York Times or even Automotive News.


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