TMI – Is Too Much Information Asphyxiating (Even Killing) You?

Situation: Go to Google, type in “Information Overload” and you will get over 7 M hits in less than a second. IO is the biggest irritation in our lives. Twenty minutes of commercials out of every hour of broadcasting on both TV and radio. Data smog, somebody’s blog, and email hogs coming at you on everyone one of your communication devices—cell phone, texting, land phone, TV sets, VMs, and the radio in your car or bathroom.

No Escape: Further the amount of stored data coming at you is being is doubling every 18 months. You are being bombarded with bits and pieces one minute and the Casey Anthony trial the next not to mention billboards, airport displays and banner advertising.

What is this doing to you?

  1. Making you anxious and powerless
  2. Causing you to multitask and produce stress hormones
  3. Reducing your creativity
  4. Producing situations where you cannot focus on anything without interruption
  5. Making you less productive—and causing you to make more errors

What can you do about this?

  1. Find and schedule time to focus
  2. Filter out the noise and all the “stuff” that is coming at you
  3. Forget about work when you can
  4. Ask yourself: “ Is what I am doing constructive or mere activity?”
  5. Focus on a narrow range of objectives – Filter out everything else
  6. Schedule “Think Time” every day
  7. Use some common sense about TMI
  8. Stop going to so many meetings & texting when you are bored
  9. Don’t send so many emails, tweets, FB posting, and texts
  10. 10. Disappear for a while every day
  11. 11. Read and subscribe to publications that “digest” news & information
  12. 12. Deal with people who give you answers, solutions, & opportunities in 25 words or less

Sources for more about TMI Syndrome:

  • Click on
  • Read “Information Anxiety” by my hero, Richard Saul Wurman
  • Hang out with people that are smarter than you & who understand you  when you whine, rant, or rebel against the onslaught of information you are supposed to ingest and manage every day including talking heads and well intention media publishers.


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