Chevrolet Dealers Selling Volts at Revolting Prices

The Situation: The Chevrolet Volt is hot and in demand. Several Chevrolet dealerships around the country are pricing this already expensive vehicle as much as $20,000 above the Suggested Retail Price. Some dealers are reportedly selling Volts as used vehicles so they can pocket the $7,500 tax credit.
Gas prices have caused a number of new car buyers to seek to buy the Volt and other electrics and hybrids.
Some dealers and Chevrolet reps claim that such practices are “exaggerated.”
AutoNation has, even, asked its dealers not to charge a premium for the Volt. In some cases, however, GM has had to intervene and has encouraged dealers to take the long-term view or approach to this opportunity.
Some say this is capitalism at its worst while others retort that the practice of marking up hot vehicles may be termed “un-American” –but hot vehicles have always been marked up for years, What is ironic and even hard to understand is that there are indications that potential buyers are actually not being turned off or even angry about such pricing practices—which just does not seem to ring true.
This kind of conduct by Chevrolet dealers is really ironic as well as self-defeating particularly since the public generally still regards the dealer body to be not always trustworthy, transparent, or timely with good guy sales tactics.
Basically, these dealers are blowing a great opportunity to demonstrate to new car buyers, particularly, the kind of people who can afford to buy a Volt, that they are fair and above board in the sales process for a new Chevrolet.
Actually, it is very annoying, frustrating, and even surprising that we keep seeing automotive retailers behave like this.  This is price gouging and an illegal sales practice. These dealers are preying on people who want to be responsible citizens and to be green by buying a Volt.
The even more confounding aspect of this price manipulation is that some dealers will seek to “devalue” the trade of the green vehicle buyer by suggesting that their three year or more old vehicle is a gas hog and therefore not worth even what Kelley says it should be.
There is a need to bury greed and treat people fairly and with respect and intelligence.

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