Robotics Breakthrough: How You & Your Company Can Easily Build Your Own Commercial Robots

The Situation that made this development possible:

• Carnegie Mellon University is pushing technology to a new level

• CMU is there- From Robotics to Autonomous vehicles to Machine Learning

• Twice Annually, a LaunchCMU event featured breakthrough development

What is the Significance of this Video?

• First indication that companies can easily build their own robots

• Howie Choset tells how HEBI Robotics makes this possible

• This suggests that Robotics Making is becoming like 3D Printing

Gain a quick tutorial about “Accelerating the Future of Robotics” from recent LaunchCMU presentation and a perspective on Robotics Technology plus a glimpse of the incredible work being done at Carnegie Mellon

News You Need to Know

How Many of 36 M Used Cars Sold by Dealers & Auctions in 2016 were Accurately Appraised?

Why does it Matter? -- Particularly in the Last Quarter of 2017?

• Number of inaccurately appraised was “Too Many”
• Money and time were lost as the industry searched
• More precise process of valuing trade or inventory vehicles needed

Significance of the Need for Better Appraisal Technology:

• Dealers facing more pressure to correctly appraise cars.
• Industry issues like Recalls, VW, & declining sales cause concern
• Econ factors & consumer buying behavior drive rapid market changes.
• Industry needs more accurate appraisal process & technology

Learn how a new UC App is delivering more accurate appraisals using combination of algorithms and market value experts _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How CarCash Stopped Bleeding Money & Got Marcus Lemonis Back into UC Business Successfully Using New Appraisal App & Process

The Situation with Marcus Lemonis & Used Cars:
• Marcus Lemonis finds companies that need management & money
• Marcus loves the UC business as he started at AutoNation
• He found a UC operation in trouble, changed name to CarCash

The Significance of the CarCash UC Model:

• The Marcus "Magic" worked again & CarCash is flourishing
• A change in the appraisal process made big difference
• The App & Technology of The Appraisal Lane worked

See how the turnaround worked and the role that accurate appraisals played in CarCash sucess. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Five S-M-A-R-T Signs of & Tips on How to Spot Flood Damaged Cars

The Situation:

Dealers, Buyers, Wholesalers, Auctions getting Flood Damage Cars
A New set of "Industry Eyes" & Appraisal skills now available
With more storms coming, industry needs use of an App & some help

The Significance of the Signs/Tips;

Five Signs and some tips on how to spot a storm-damaged vehicle
Gain some new ways to make sure you can spot a flood car
See signs, tips and a new set of guidelines and get the App

Click to capture 5 S-M-A-R-T signs that will save money, careers, and prevent headaches __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Todd RomeFounderMokeAmerica - 12/31/1969

Todd Rome, Founder of Blue Jets, Launches E-Version of the Moke

You may remember the dynamic New Yorker Wall St.-exec-turned-luxury-travel-entrepreneur, Todd Rome, who founded the private jet travel company Blue Star Jets in the early 2000s.

Todd Rome has moved from a successful venture in luxury jets to launching a newly designed electric version of the World famous Moke vehicle.

Founding Blue Star Jets allowed Todd to travel all over the world. During his visits to places like St. Bart’s and St. Tropez, he found and fell in love with the MOKE vehicles. He then acquired the rights to finally bring the Moke cars home to America in the summer of 2017, thus the beginning of his newest luxury travel business venture, MOKE America.

MOKE America has come home for the newly designed electric version of the Moke car that is being launched the U.S.

The new Moke design has extended leg room and trunk space, a modern sound system, and 8 custom color and stereo options. Its lithium battery can be charged with any standard three-prong North American plug outlet.

The vehicle is expected to be popular from Hawaii to the Hamptons and metro areas of California, Florida and coastal America..

For more information, please visit

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