How the Blockchain Will Radically Transform the Economy

Why this Video is a Must Watch:

• Blockchain Tech­nol­o­gy is about change every­thing

• To under­stand it can be dif­fi­cult, but a Must for you & the indus­try

• Note that it will elim­i­nate the need for cen­tral­ized insti­tu­tions

• Will facil­i­tate changes in auto finance, CRM, & Sys­tems Pro­gram­ming.

• Trans­ac­tions will be dis­trib­uted, trans­par­ent, and autonomous

• This video will give you a big pic­ture of how Blockchain works

Watch and absorb what Bet­ti­na has so pow­er­ful­ly cap­tured in this video. Be pre­pared to take notes and Google a lot.

News You Need to Know

The Debate Stops Here: How the 80–20 Rule for Dealer Marketing Budgets with Three Action-able Fundamentals Can Capture Your Customers Online Today

Here are THREE proven dealer marketing fundamentals known as the “*80 Supplemental-20 Rule” or a set of actionable strategies for dealers and their agencies:

1. Let your brand do the heavy lifting.
2. Commit 80% to digital, 20% to targeted traditional campaigns.
3. Remember digital companies invest heavily in driving consumers to you!

To learn The Bottom Line for Dealer Marketing, Click and Consider Stopping Debate Now. _____________________________________________________________________________

How Audience Intelligence Brings Mind Blowing Marketing to Every Dealer’s Home Page

Why this posting is Significant and Timely

This is for Forward-Thinking Dealer GMs & Sales Managers.

You see yourself as a Thought Leader on top of Trends

This is hottest trend for dealer management in Digital Automotive Marketing.

Audience Intelligence is now & will become a priority for you in 2018.

To get your team on this trend, Click above & Study this insightful briefing from Billy Ferriola of AutoWeb.

CarWink: The world’s first car device allowing you to communicate with other drivers through animation.

Why this app is a breakthrough in what is really a kind of Connected Car Technology:

There is a need to connect drivers with drivers on the road & CarWink does it.

The Auto Industry and consumers can invest in CarWink on

Here is the first app to do this:
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Ron Smith
FounderAuto Remarketing Magazine
- 12/31/1969

Just in case, you don’t know who Ron Smith is?

For openers, Ron Smith started publishing Auto Remarketing magazine in 1991 as a bi-monthly publication.

From the beginning, he focused the magazine on the used-car operations of franchised dealerships and then expanded its coverage to also include independent dealers.

Today the magazine is the leading media source in the used-car industry and is published twice per month with a circulation of approximately 45,000 industry executives.

In the last 26 years, Ron Smith has made an impact on not only how the image of used vehicle business is perceived by the industry and the public but how used vehicles are valued, marketed, and distributed in the automotive market place.

Ron has been and will continue to be a great visionary for the company, the industry, and the country. His track record as a terrific mentor is extensive. Even though Ron is not in editorial meetings these day or setting up the next conference, he leadership and publishing expertise remains a presence that keeps the Cherokee team & the readership focused on continual improvement

Here is what Ron Smith built and the legacy he leaves to the Industry:

In addition to Auto Remarketing, Sub Prime Lending, and corporate, Cherokee Automotive Group, Smith's other business venture includes S&A Cherokee, a full-service communications firm providing public relations services, graphic design, Web development, publishing and event planning.

In 2009 and 2010, S&A Cherokee was named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America. In addition to his role as chairman of CAG, Smith will remain active in the overall operations of S&A Cherokee.

This man made a difference in people’s lives, trade publishing, and the auto industry while building a legacy of integrity, grace, and competence.

To really gain a profile and the measure of his contribution to the industry, listen to the recent podcast interview.: http//

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What Should Equifax do about the Hack of Consumer Credit Files?

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