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Last Mile Package Delivery — Cargo Bikes Not Drones Are The Future For Urban Deliveries

Breakthrough Idea: Cargo Bikes will deliver packages not trucks

Last Mile Deliveries on & by Cargo Bikes are coming to delivery logistics
Delivery companies will be parking noisy,polluting trucks blocks away.
Cargo bikes delivering packages for last mile from a Mother Truck
Will reduce congestion. pollution, and noise, gridlock & cost

"Last Mile Delivery Strategy" being developed now
Leaders seem to be in Amsterdam, UK, and Europe -
UPS & FedX next to adopt the new delivery model
Cargo bikes & Light Electric Freight Vehicles are being used.

Dive into this linked article to really see what is coming to the Logistics of Package Delivery. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Driverless Cars Won’t Help Traffic Congestion 

Leading architect & respected city planner says so

Peter Calthorpe of New Urbanism & Berkeley rebuts Techs from S Valley;

Tech companies claim that autonomous vehicles could reduce traffic.

Skeptics, including Calthorpe, argue actually that more gridlock will occur.

More people are still taking solo trips.

See Extensive posting from NYT on Driverless Vehicles _______________________________________________________________________________

Will Tech Leave Detroit in the Dust?–
At stake: Who will control the Future of Transportation?

OEMs racing to gain car sharing & driverless technology
Result: Who will control the future of transportation?
You will gain an update on OEM vs Silicon Valley
Note that Uber has $129B valuation; GM About 34B
"Sharing the Road" chart on pg 2 lists OEMs & Partners

Click & Dig into this comprehensive WSJ coverage including the chart
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Ed BrojerdiConsumer - 12/31/1969 continues to bring agency & industry executives to the forefront of's focus on transforming the way people buy vehicles.

In agency-to-clients move, former KBS CEO Ed Brojerdi is the company’s chief consumer officer. He most recently spent a period consulting with 72andSunny and KBS.

Recently, Derek Callow, former director and global head of partner marketing for YouTube, was named the new CMO of

Derek Callow, Chief Marketing Officer,

Brojerdi will focus on ensuring that “the customer is the first consideration in every company decision” while Callow will help promote and grow the brand while hopefully establishing it as a major player in the very crowded auto market.

“Derek and Ed are the kind of leaders that innovative and meaningful companies are built around,” said founder and CEO Scott Painter. “Each is a proven and respected executive in a discipline critical to our ambitious growth plans, and I’m beyond thrilled to have them on the Fair team.”
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