Never Give Up: How Auto Startups Can Learn from Failed Experiments

Stay Calm: Hot App Calm Founder Calmly Deals with Failed Startup Experiments

Why take the time to watch and ingest this video:

This video is for people who are thinking about doing a startup.

Or industry developers & startups who failed & tried again or should.

Alex Tew, a Serial Entrepreneur, shares how “Failed Experiments” bring success.

After you stream this video,
check out one of Tew’s latest ventures, CALM, ( and you will become “calm” immediately.

News You Need to Know

Had Enough about Millennials? Dealers Encouraged to Engage, Challenge, Rethink the Business Model

The Ongoing Situation

Automotive News & industry pubs post articles & how-to again & again.
Industry consultants who have millennial kids provide advice & counsel
See link article to Automotive News [May have to subscribe to get PayWall content]
Basic message: Give Millennials their head, entrust, & get outa the way.

The Significance that you might heed:

This is not the how the auto industry manages or sells them cars.
It pretty much--tell em WHY they shd do something & get outa the way.
So turn the your dealership or company over to them & go play golf.

See what Expert, Jason Dorsey, said to Automotive News. ______________________________________________________________________________

Freakout USA – Survey Sez: Americans are seriously stressed out about the future of the country.


The Country's business and news publications are posting articles and content on the growing stress, resistance, and outright concern that seem to growing every day.


Here is an article from this week's Business Week posted and you can gain more perspective from Washington Post.

"Americans are more stressed than ever, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone living in America who owns a smartphone or TV. A new poll from the American Psychological Association shows that the nation’s stress levels in January were even worse than in August, in the thick of the angriest campaign in recent memory.

That stress penetrates party lines—including 76 percent of Democrats and 59 percent of Republicans—and age groups. While some believed anxiety levels would decrease after the election, once the campaigning wound down, it seems to be steadily moving in the opposite direction".
—Megan Hess

Link to the Washington Post

Watch out EVs–FCVs are alive: See What Analysts Say about GM-Honda JV Mass Produce of Hydrogen Fueled Vehicles

So --GM and Honda are investing $85 million to mass produce the tech for hydrogen-powered cars.

So What does it mean to you, the Industry, and the Future of Hydrogen powered or fuel cell vehicles?

See how and what 4 of the Industry's leading analysts had to say when this announcement was made earlier in February.

You will see that hydrogen has a ways to go but the OEMs are on it.

See what firms like FirstElementfuel is doing to install hydrogen fueling stations in CA.
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Kyle Bolton, Autobytel Dealer of Year 2016Internet Sales DirectorNewton Motor Group - 12/31/1969

Kyle Bolton, Director of Internet Sales for Newton Motor Group, has been selected as the Autobytel Dealer of the Year for 2016.

This is a significant accomplishment & award for Kyle, Bill Newton, Mike Abbondanza , and the Newton Motor Group because the Autobytel Dealer Awards Program recognizes exceptional #ABTLDealerStars from a competitive field of thousands of automotive retailers who employ the highest standards in digital automotive retail sales, lead management processes and customer service, and a commitment to mobile and emerging technologies.

Kyle and the Newton Motor Group team have proven that they are outstanding in their communications with customers, meeting their customers’ needs, and creating an exceptional car buying experience.

Newton Motor Group,, is a family-owned auto group that has been serving Tennessee since 2009. The group has four dealerships comprised of five major auto manufacturers including Nissan, Ford, Chevy, Buick, and GMC. Its Nashville-area locations are located in Gallatin and Shelbyville. The auto group serves all of middle Tennessee with a sales distance that speaks to the quality of the group’s shopping experience.

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Should Ford Stop Making Cars in Mexico ?

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