Seven Auto Related Massive Disruptions from BlockChain Technology

Here are the Seven among 19 massive impacts of forthcoming disruptions in the Automotive Market:

Supply Chain Management
Networking & IoT

This is a short but comprehensive video briefing of the seven auto-related market categories of the total of 19 Business Model Disruptions.

You are encouraged to Click & Pick your list as Blockchain is going to change your career and how you do what you now do in the near future

News You Need to Know

Toyota’s Gil Pratt Says Trend toward Specialty Chips & New Architecture Could Lead to “Cambrian Explosion of Artificial Intelligence” & More Machine Learning

The Situation: Cars into the Smaller Chips

♣ There is intensive rethinking going on about computers.
♣ Machines that look like the human brain are being trained.
♣ Specialized computer chips being made for cars, AR, & phones

Significance: Facial & Voice Recognition in Cars & Phones

♣ Neural networks being programmed for voice recognition
♣ Large number of specialized low powered tiny chips doing jobs on fly
♣ New breeds of mobile chips being developed

What New Tech Words do you need to get to know?

♣ FPGA or Field Programmable Field Arrays
♣ Cambrian Explosion of Artificial Intelligence
♣ TPU – Tensor Processing Unit by Nvidia & Google
♣ Dennard Scaling –Larger chips consuming same amt of power

Click & Delve into as much of the Sunday NYT article as possible. You will need to know this stuff in the near automotive future. See what Gil has to say.

Remarketing App Provides Dealers with Real Time Cash Offers by Giving Appraisers & Buyers Instant Access to Vehicle Valuation Information

Dealers Note: Solution to Nailing Down a Trade-in Appraisal in Minutes

The Situation:

Dealers are faced with the challenge of getting appraisal right
This problem or challenge has finally been solved or handled.
Mobile app connects dealers with appraisers and buyers immediately.

The Significance:

Solves the age old problem of closing sales by using a mobile app
App enables dealers to get appraisal & buyer on trade w customer present
Dealer becomes part of a valuation process in real time.
60% Look-to-book year to date with cash offers

Click and Go To find out how this solution to appraisals can be implemented immediately

How a Midwestern Dealer with Too Much Inventory Cleared Out the Glut by Using VIN-Specific Advertising to Sell More Cars & Hold ROI


Here is a Living, Breathing Case Study about how a dealership recently solved an Inventory Glut by Using a VIN-Specific Advertising Software and Strategy.

If your dealership management is dealing with excess new or used vehicle inventory -- the solution to the problem is in this Case Study

See the Problem, The Solution, and The Results by clicking, printing, and routing this editorial content into your next Staff meeting.
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Todd RomeFounderMokeAmerica - 12/31/1969

Todd Rome, Founder of Blue Jets, Launches E-Version of the Moke

You may remember the dynamic New Yorker Wall St.-exec-turned-luxury-travel-entrepreneur, Todd Rome, who founded the private jet travel company Blue Star Jets in the early 2000s.

Todd Rome has moved from a successful venture in luxury jets to launching a newly designed electric version of the World famous Moke vehicle.

Founding Blue Star Jets allowed Todd to travel all over the world. During his visits to places like St. Bart’s and St. Tropez, he found and fell in love with the MOKE vehicles. He then acquired the rights to finally bring the Moke cars home to America in the summer of 2017, thus the beginning of his newest luxury travel business venture, MOKE America.

MOKE America has come home for the newly designed electric version of the Moke car that is being launched the U.S.

The new Moke design has extended leg room and trunk space, a modern sound system, and 8 custom color and stereo options. Its lithium battery can be charged with any standard three-prong North American plug outlet.

The vehicle is expected to be popular from Hawaii to the Hamptons and metro areas of California, Florida and coastal America..

For more information, please visit

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