Here is the First Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing Jet

The Situation and Possible Significance of this E-Plane:

• This electric airplane is called Lilium.

• Developed by German engineers

• Can land on a Helipad just like a Helicopter

• Only requires 50 feet by 50 feet of space to takeoff & land

• European Space Agency (ESA) highlights environmental benefits

• Top speed is 250mph with a range of 300 miles

• Could be the future of private jets

• May become a personal airplane in your backyard

See how cool this new E-Plane flys and performs. It will fit into that Landing Pad in your backyard


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How Audience Intelligence Brings Mind Blowing Marketing to Every Dealer’s Home Page

Why this posting is Significant and Timely

This is for Forward-Thinking Dealer GMs & Sales Managers.

You see yourself as a Thought Leaders on top of Trends

This is hottest trend for dealer management in Digital Automotive Marketing.

Audience Intelligence is now & will become a priority for you in 2018.

To get your team on this trend, Click above & Study this insightful briefing from Billy Ferriola of AutoWeb.

CarWink: The world’s first car device allowing you to communicate with other drivers through animation.

Why this app is a breakthrough in what is really a kind of Connected Car Technology:

There is a need to connect drivers with drivers on the road & CarWink does it.

The Auto Industry and consumers can invest in CarWink on

Here is the first app to do this:

Project XX – Survey by Automotive News Sends & Signals WakeUp Call to Male Management & Industry

What this timely survey by Automotive News says:

• 874 Responses from Auto Women Executives tell how things are
• Survey finds that persistent sexism is still rampant in auto
• Subtle & overt biases & exclusion are still with the industry.

What might be the significance of the Survey

• Hopefully, OEM, Dealer, & Provider Mgt. will act
• This is an opportunity for all "Car Guys" to adopt inclusion
• What will we do if women start naming names & companies?

Everyone in the automotive industry, whether in management or working in the back of the dealership or 3 levels down at the OEM needs to read the 16 pages of this revealing survey in print or online -- and then ACT to fix this problem ASAP ____________________________________________________________________________________
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Nick WestPublisherFixed Ops Magazine - 12/31/1969

Nick West has been the publisher of Fixed Ops Magazine for 12 years.

When Nick took over the magazine it was struggling to find its market, an audience, and profitability. Today it has all three with authority and credibility.

Nick performs at least three or more jobs as Publisher, Editor and Advertising Director. Actually, he is responsible for everything that appears in both the printed and digital editions of Fixed Ops as well as in our Fixed Ops Weekly Fix e-newsletter.

Further, he represents the magazine at industry trade shows and events. As Editor, he identifies and works with contributing writers. One of Nick’s major skill sets is his ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with both readers and industry manufacturers/advertisers.

The Annual Fixed Ops Magazine Conference & Expo is staged in Las Vegas in November every year with Nick at the helm.

It all started for Nick at City University of New York or what is known as Queens College with a BA in Communications and Music.

You can place an ad, submit an article, or gain a real insight into Fixed Ops Management by contacting Nick at (714) 803-5476 or
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What Should Equifax do about the Hack of Consumer Credit Files?

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