Hunker Down: Four Possible Car Sales Killers Coming in March that Could Scare the Hell out of You

The Situation:

Government money runs out in late June, if debt limit not raised.

Agencies would have to work with money on hand.

The debt limit vote this time has a hard stop provision so Congress may deadlock.

The Significance or what it could mean:

David Stockman video says if gridlock occurs, then market shakeup follows.

Government agencies could be shut down on March 15th

Caused by Debt Ceiling Vote, Gridlock, Government Shutdown & Interest Hike

Video paints scary picture; Could be a 20% market correction coming

May Scare the Hell out of you as he says market may even crash.

The first 15 min of this Stockman Video will give you a grasp of his points.

News You Need to Know

How Algorithms, Programmatic Advertising, Chatbots, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence are Changing Role of Content Providers

Factors or Trends that may impact your job soon:

1. Intelligent Content Marketing has changed everything .
2. Advertising is Least Effective Communications Resource
3. Integrated Marketing Communication is the new strategy
4. Forthcoming Intelligent Content Conference is really about “Algorithmic Intelligence”
5. Machine Learning and Chatbots will replace or change Call Centers, BDCs, and Lead management

What should you do about all this?

1) Get more detail by clicking through to see just how this is going to happen.
2) Register ASAP for the Intelligent Content Conference in Las Vegas on March 28th .

SIX In SIXTY – 6 Significant Developments in Automotive From Last Week–Things You Will Want-To-Know, ICYMI, In 60 Seconds

Here are six developments in automotive, breakthrough technology, and artificial intelligence that you will want to know-- and possibly act on.

1. Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, was More of Same.
2. IBM’s Bet on Bitcoin will bring BlockChain to Auto Soon
3. Mind Blogging: Edmunds & Data & Machine Learning Used in Census Taking of American Cities
4. How is Artificial Intelligence being used to reinvent computing
5. VR Gradually Catching on: Viewer Seems the Issue
6. Nvidia is Everywhere: VR to Autonomous Vehicles


72nd anniversary of six U.S. Marines raising the American flag on Iwo Jima

The Situation:

Today & this week is the 72nd anniversary of six U.S. Marines raising the American flag on Iwo Jima

Here is what our erudite Marine Corps Contributing Editor & a Real Mud Marine, Jim Thompson, sent us:

"The men from Easy (now Echo) Company 2nd Bn, 28th Marines, immortalized by the Rosenthal photos and subsequently by the Marine Corps War Memorial, were there by pure coincidence. Every man who served on Iwo Jima was a hero including my 3rd Bn, 9th Marines Dad. While we have always thought one of the six was Corpsman Bradley, the discovery that it was actually PFC Harold Schultz should not diminish the service that Bradley provided to ‘his’ Marines.

Why this Anniversary is Significant:

Some of what this is about is-- Why you should hire Marines coming off active duty whenever possible.

Consider that 2 Marine generals & an Army intellect are our best hope for the new presidency.

Visit this memorial this summer. We need more Marines running things. Semper Fi.

See a short video that tells the story of this historic day. _______________________________________________________________________________
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Kyle Bolton, Autobytel Dealer of Year 2016Internet Sales DirectorNewton Motor Group - 12/31/1969

Kyle Bolton, Director of Internet Sales for Newton Motor Group, has been selected as the Autobytel Dealer of the Year for 2016.

This is a significant accomplishment & award for Kyle, Bill Newton, Mike Abbondanza , and the Newton Motor Group because the Autobytel Dealer Awards Program recognizes exceptional #ABTLDealerStars from a competitive field of thousands of automotive retailers who employ the highest standards in digital automotive retail sales, lead management processes and customer service, and a commitment to mobile and emerging technologies.

Kyle and the Newton Motor Group team have proven that they are outstanding in their communications with customers, meeting their customers’ needs, and creating an exceptional car buying experience.

Newton Motor Group,, is a family-owned auto group that has been serving Tennessee since 2009. The group has four dealerships comprised of five major auto manufacturers including Nissan, Ford, Chevy, Buick, and GMC. Its Nashville-area locations are located in Gallatin and Shelbyville. The auto group serves all of middle Tennessee with a sales distance that speaks to the quality of the group’s shopping experience.

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