Are You About to Lose Your Job All Because You Are Not Trained for What is Ahead or Happening Now?

Cen­tral Ques­tion that Needs Action­able Answer Now:

Is the Auto­mo­tive Indus­try Invest­ing in Train­ing Work­force for the Tech­nol­o­gy, Dis­rup­tion, & Mar­ket Changes that are Com­ing?

The Prob­lem for all Com­pa­nies:

Com­pa­ny IT bud­gets for Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence have increased 60%—
BUT only 3% of com­pa­nies and their CEOs are or have invest­ed in train­ing.

What should auto­mo­tive com­pa­nies be doing:

1) Rethink Work, in gen­er­al. Use a gran­u­lar approach to job func­tion, plan­ning and train­ing
2) Piv­ot the Work­force. –Move peo­ple around: Change the way jobs & com­pa­ny orga­ni­za­tion are struc­tured
3) Re-skilling of entire work­force in a com­pa­ny or deal­er­ship. Every job descrip­tion is about to change.

If you are an auto­mo­tive indus­try man­ag­er at any lev­el of your com­pa­ny or deal­er­ship, it will serve your career well to sit,listen, and make notes for this pan­el from Davos Con­fer­ence that that dra­mat­i­cal­ly shows how train­ing may be what sep­a­rates peo­ple and com­pa­nies in auto­mo­tive from now on.

Click and get ready for Change.

News You Need to Know

Think Twice About What Happened to the Balloons from Your Last Sales Event

Why should automotive people care about Balloons?

Balloons are hazards when they enter the environment
All released balloons return to Earth as ugly litter
Even those marketed as “biodegradable latex
Balloons return to the land and sea everywhere
Balloons are frequently mistaken for food and eaten by animals.

More Significance Reason we need to care & act:

One in 20 of seabirds encounter or eat balloons
Even latex balloons marketed as “biodegradable”
Balloons contain environmentally damaging chemicals and plastics.
Helium that inflates balloons should be preserved for high tech use
Mylar balloons also get into electrical wires

Here is evidence that balloons have "ballooned" into a problem for the environment and we in the auto business should care

The Ten Secrets Behind the Great Tesla Experience Revealed by Consultant Buyer

Here is a Listing of Ten Secrets derived from an insightful Blog by respected Industry Consultant, Paula Tompkins, ChannelNet CEO:

1. No pressure from dealer; Let Customers be proactive
2. Customer Engagement developed and maximized
3. Vehicle information provided as Customer Self Service
4. Finance option to be transparent & easy
5. Focus by the dealer is on customer, not product
6. Customer must feel special & appreciated
7. Tech support for customer provided 24/7
8. Buying process becomes personal
9. Experience powered by an Omni Channel strategy
10.Customer Experience is digitally driven

The Appraisal Lane Rolls into Texas to Meet Increased Dealer Demand; National Expansion Planned

Why is The Appraisal Lane in Texas Significant?

Connects dealers with vehicle valuation experts
Need for a better way to appraise customer trade-ins
TAL methodology & system produces more accurate appraisals
Dealers get customer vehicle appraisals in minutes

What does The Appraisal Lane App Based System Accomplish?

Customers receive cash offers for vehicles while in dealership
Expansion of TAL vehicle appraisal process continues Westward
Strategic & methodical valuation increases dealer sales volume
Vehicle appraisal technology reducing dealer wholesaling losses
Transparency process provides better customer experience
Appraisal process combines technology & expert valuations

Grab on to this new innovation that combines Vehicle appraisal technology and expert valuation process.

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Industry People

Sugato ChattopadhyayDirector of ITUpdatePromise - 12/31/1969

Mr. Chattopadhyay joins the UpdatePromise team with over 25 years of Global IT experience with Companies such as HP, Apple, Cognizant and Accenture.

Chattopadhyay will leverage his knowledge and experience in areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and other leading-edge technologies to further the mission of UpdatePromise, which is to positively impact millions of consumers’ lives, one industry at a time.

  The addition of Chattopadhyay to the UpdatePromise team is one of several key strategic plays the company has made in recent months as it continues to execute on its Global Consumer Experience vision.

CEO and President Curtis Nixon said:

“We are excited to have Mr. Chattopadhyay join our team. His commitment to improving products, services and companies through innovative and cutting-edge technology is directly in line with our mission here at UpdatePromise.” 

  How Mr. Chattopadhyay view his new position:

“If you look at today’s world, it’s all about innovation through data—it goes into everything, whether it’s IOT or just plain internet, and it’s what you make out of the data to better serve your customers that differentiates great companies from average companies.”
“Research and development is something I love doing, and that’s one of the things that attracts me [to UpdatePromise], because there’s so much scope for innovation, which is my passion as well as the company’s, to innovate side by side with our clients and consumers.”

  Mr. Chattopadhyay will lead UpdatePromise’s upcoming launch of the next round of innovation to be released at National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) Expo
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