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100 Auto Disruptors are Here: Why Drive When You can Ride

The Situation:

Massive numbers of startups and upstart companies are disrupting, displacing, and augmenting existing business models in the automotive industry. Automotive Information Network has aggregated a list of 100 are impacting the industry and the consumer market every day. The respected Economist has made a film series called “The Disrupters.”

The Significance of this Film:

Dramatizes and validates that these AutoDisruptors are for real and a threat. This extraordinary film is about how people are changing the way they are moving around. The freedom of riding and not driving is threatening the soul of the motor car.

Take 15 and See what is here  with more disruption to come.

News You Need to Know

Uber Finance - 103685209-UBER_TRUCK_SMALLER-1.530x298You Will Never Own Another Car Again:Uber Trillions After $116B Auto Finance Market Including Leases & Loans to You & Drivers

The Situation:
Uber is gearing up to upend the auto loan market.

Making big push into Trillion $ auto financing market.

Endgame of Uber's auto market disruption is a world where you never own a car again.

The Significance
Uber has fleet discount deals with all the major manufacturers.

Wants more Ubers on the road by any means necessary in newer cars.

Created Xchange Leasing last year as a wholly-owned Uber subsidiary.

Changing car ownership for drivers with flexible options for access to a car to earn extra income.

By end of 2016, Uber expects 100,000 cars will have been provided globally

Be an UberReader and go to CNBC site for more about auto funding

beepi-car-bowAutoDisruptor Beepi: Transforming Used Car Market with Online, Mobile Shopping

The Situation
Peer to Peer car shoppers buy & sell pre-owned cars in 16 metros in 9 states without going to a dealership for test drive or delivery.

The entire buy, sell, & finance of the transaction done on a smart phone or PC.

Offers test drive with car inspection & money-back guarantee as a trusted brand.

The Significance:
Beepi algorithm enabling people to buy/sell cars in previously hidden market.

Streamlined financing with Chase & credit unions. Ally Financial does leasing. Can pay with credit card or Bitcoin

Buying process is started & finished online with delivery to the home or office.

Find more on how Beepi is disrupting the preowned car market

Alternative-Blockchain-Uses-650x350 Off the Chart Demand: Blockchain Technology Getting Set to Come to Automotive Systems

The Situation

Blockchain technology was created to support the currency Bit Coin.
Appears the rapid adoption by banks, securities, insurance changing things.
Blockchain has never been hacked so this may be the solution to car hacking.

The Significance

Blockchain Technology is coming to automotive if not already here.
Savings being experienced by banks will come to automotive systems.
Insurance companies using BT to sell insurance & mutual funds means F&I applications.
Airline loyalty programs to be migrated to OEM and dealer loyalty programs.
People are turning to Blockchain for solutions and auto will soon.

Get up to speed on BlockChain from Business Week article May 23 issue
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John Zazzera PartnerBlueline Associates - 12/31/1969

Focus on Financial Services Strategy: Fleet Exec to drive Added Managed Services Division of Blueline Business & IT Consulting

BlueLine Associates has brought in John Zazzera as a Partner to lead the new Managed Services Division, Business Process & Transaction Outsourcing to expand BlueLine’s financial services offerings.

In addition to Managed Services, BlueLine is expanding its business to include Application Development and Support and Staffing.

Zazzera will be focused on the continued growth and global expansion of BlueLine Associates from the company’s new Philadelphia office

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