Pavemint Says Your Parking Space is Waiting for You

Pavemint Wants To Help Ensure You Never Search For Parking Again

Here us How a New App Called Pavemint is Solving the Parking Problem in Los Angeles While Helping Businesses and Residents Earn Extra Money Along the Way

Pavemint is a parking app that connects people looking for parking with people who have parking to share.

HOLLYWOOD, October 2017- Imagine never having to hunt for parking in LA. If you’ve spent any time behind the wheel in this city it can be hard to picture, but a new peer-to-peer parking app called Pavemintis making that vision possible, all while also helping to tackle LA’s traffic and pollution problems.

The real problem with parking in LA is that a majority of the city’s 18.6-million parking spots are on privately owned, residential or commercial properties where they are unavailable for general public use. Your home driveway while you are away at work and the parking lot at the dry cleaners that sits empty after business hours are just a few prime examples of idle inventory waiting to be unlocked and monetized—that’s where Pavemint comes in.

The company’s release consists of a peer-to-peer web and mobile-based platform upon which residents or business owners (“Hosts”) can list their spare parking space(s) to be rented by other users in need of a place to park their car (“Guests”). Hosts can download the free parking app or log into the web dashboard and list their space(s) in minutes, with full control over availability, rates and a number of other customizable parameters. Guests can find and reserve parking as far as 12 months in advance or search for nearby parking on demand. The app makes it easy to compare real-time prices, read reviews and get walk times to the Guest’s final destination so they can find the perfect spot, all while helping generate Hosts substantial revenue. Depending on location and available hours, Pavemint projects that a single space can generate anywhere from $200 – $900 per month.

While not the first parking app to hit the market, Pavemint already has the largest peer-to-peer parking network in the U.S., with the majority of those spaces in “prime areas” of LA, where parking has been discovered to be most problematic. Currently, they have over 4,000 spaces on the app, available in areas such as West Hollywood, Melrose, Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Mid-City, Atwater Village, Pasadena, Exposition Park, Inglewood, Venice, LAX, Hermosa Beach, Carson and Santa Monica.

In a recent statement, Pavemint CEO, Randall Jamail, had this to say about the app:

“Pavemint gives its users the opportunity to make a significant and positive effect on the environment while making their lives easier.”

Pavemint’s iOS app is currently available in the App Store for both sides of the marketplace and as a web application for Hosts at An Android application will also be available in the near-term. However, those who use Android devices can list their spaces and start making money right away through the website.

What You Need to know about Pavemint:
Pavemint, LLC is incorporated in Houston, Texas, with headquarters in Hollywood, California. Founder and CEO Randall Jamail previously founded Justice Record Co. and Justice Music Publishing.

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