Toyota in the Nvidia Chips- Huang’s Big Bang 2.5 hr. Video Will Blow Your Mind, Future, & Tires

Article Summary

The Situation:

Nvidia annual GTC Conference was held this week.

It is apparent: Nvidia is bringing a new technology to auto & World.

Microsoft, Intel, Google, Apple and now Toyota are changing auto business models.

GPU Computing, Deep Learning, and computers automating computers are here.

Nvidia GTC Conference is a career changing experience – See this video

The Significance:

If you’re interested in the following topics, do tune in:

• Intelligent Video Analytics
• Intelligent Machines and IoT
• Self-Driving Cars
• Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
• Data Center and Cloud Computing
• Deep Learning and AI

THEN you gotta sit for as long as you can, watch in wonder, & take notes about what you got to know soon.



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