Hunker Down: Four Possible Car Sales Killers Coming in March that Could Scare the Hell out of You

Article Summary

The Situation:

* Government money runs out in late June, if debt limit not raised.

* Agencies would have to work with money on hand.

* The debt limit vote this time has a hard stop provision so Congress may deadlock.

The Significance or what it could mean:

* David Stockman video says if gridlock occurs, then market shakeup follows.

* Government agencies could be shut down on March 15th

* Caused by Debt Ceiling Vote, Gridlock, Government Shutdown & Interest Hike

* Video paints scary picture; Could be a 20% market correction coming

* May Scare the Hell out of you as he says market may even crash.

The first 15 min of this Stockman Video will give you a grasp of his points.



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