How Algorithms, Programmatic Advertising, Chatbots, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence are Changing Role of Content Providers

The Situation is:

1) Massive disruption & change are going on in the Content Supply Channel by Content Providers

2) The Relationship, Role, and Resources of the Interface & Interaction of Client-Agency-Media and the Audience has changed forever.

3) The Present Content Provider model is due to be disrupted even replaced or displaced by Technology

What is the Significance of this?

1) Intelligent Content Marketing is now the lead messaging platform on provider & dealer websites, not advertising

2) Integrated Marketing Communications that mobilizes all the resources of Client-Agency-Media is new model for all marketers, publishers, & providers.

3) Video, VR, and Social Media are the new “Marketing Mix” and in combination are becoming the most effective resources for marketing communications.

You can hear, see, and find out how Chuck Parker, Publisher of AutomotiveDigest assesses how this breakthrough technology will cause disruption that may change or eliminate your job. Register now for the forthcoming Intelligent Content Conference in Las Vegas



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