SIX in SIXTY – 6 Most Significant Developments from Last Week that You Will Want-To-Know in 60 Seconds

SIX IN SIXTY SECONDS – First Week of February 2017

Six Most Significant News Developments You Will Want-to-Know in 60 Seconds

1) Are You Super Bowl Savvy? Five Business Lessons Learned from the NFL

You probably watched the Super Bowl. The NFL’s success is captured as a business model in this short, but loaded article from the Sunday LAT.


2) Your Next Must Hire: What To Consider When Hiring Data Science Talent

The ability and capability of your dealership or automotive company now depend and how you deal with the data science talent crunch. And it isn’t just about competing for talent. InformationWeek article says that it also requires the right data science strategy to help the analytics team be effective and efficient.

3)Grasping to Win Back Share: FCA Move Shocks with Another 40 Dealerships

Many industry analysts and FCA Dealers wonder as sales decline, new dealerships are nearby to existing franchise stores, and Feds are looking into diesel software accusation of another “Defeat Device” for emissions testing. See Automotive News article on your boss’s credenza or subscribe.


4) Either Bluff or Fold: AI Poker Program Wins $1.7M Chips vs. Top Players

Carnegie Mellon’s Artificial Intelligence Program. Libratus, beats its developer and 3 top players at 3 kinds of poker in a 20-day tournament. This goes with IBM’s Watson formerly beating humans at Jeopardy, Chess, Pokémon, and Go competition. Only human strategy that seemed to outsmart the computer program was to bluff.


5) Foul Air Raises Stink in Utah: Smog Damages State Air Q, Image, & Politics

Winter time and Utah just got designated as having the worst air quality in the nation. A temperature inversion trapped by atmospheric pressure, free market thinking, and polluting cars and trucks confound residents. Local government does not seem to know what do about it. Move to California? See link to local SLC coverage and video on just how bad it is.


6) Hard Cash is King: Still Popular Payment Method in Auto Market

Cash is still used popularly in all automotive related transactions. People love to see, touch, and know that cash is conclusive, particularly if you have a receipt.

39% of auto purchases are for cash per the latest issue of the well edited BHPH Report. You can see the whole print version of the magazine at this link, Lesson seems to be for lenders to provide a number of payment options to customers.


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