CONSIGNOR ALERT: IARA Membership Enrollment Opens; Leap to and See “MemberLeap” Platform on New Website

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February 2017

CONSIGNOR ALERT; IARA Membership Enrollment Opens; Leap on & Get With “MemberLeap” Platform on New Website

The International Automotive Remarketers Alliance’s (IARA) membership renewal and new member enrollment period for North American is now open and is available on the organization’s newly designed website.

As of Feb. 1, members of the IARA can renew their membership with the organization, and non-members can now sign up. Interested applicants can apply via the redesigned IARA website at www.iara.biz.

IARA membership, as well as the organization’s summer roundtable conference, has seen continued growth over the past three years.

The alliance, which is referred to as “The Voice of the Consignor,” has attracted auctions, service providers, and all facets of the automotive remarketing industry to comprise the majority of its membership.

IARA memberships are single company memberships, and all enrollments are conducted online at IARA’s website. Additional memberships may be purchased to specify additional division brands or to specify additional locations.

The new website is part of a complete software upgrade through a product called “MemberLeap” which brings education, membership management, and events under the same URL.

About IARA
It is the mission of the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance (IARA) to assist, educate, and share knowledge with one another and our industry partners, so that each member may be empowered to achieve the fullest efficiency and most continued improvement attainable in the commerce of selling vehicles through the marketplace. Visit www.iaraonline.org for more information.



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