Doug Betts Joins J.D. Power as Senior Vice President, Global Automotive

Article Summary

New Senior VP Brings Extensive Global Auto Manufacturing & Management to J D Power

J D Power has gained a new industry leader with a deep understanding of quality and design issues to be Senior Vice President, Global Automotive.

Doug Betts has deep and long management experience with automotive operations, manufacturing, and quality control at Apple, Nissan, Toyota, and FCA.

Finnbar O’Neill, President, says that the position of Senior VP at J D Power is the most important role in the automotive division and that Doug’s leadership will provide their clients with the knowledge and advice they need to navigate the challenges ahead. Further, Betts will provide first-hand experience with the disruptive forces reshaping the automotive industry.

Based in Costa Mesa, Betts will have responsibility for leading the strategy and operations for J.D. Power’s entire automotive division, which includes the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.  

Betts looks forward to keeping J.D. Power at the forefront of our industry as it incorporates new and disruptive technologies and evolves to serve younger, emerging generations of car buyers.

To really see what Doug Betts has accomplished & now seeks to bring to J D Power, check out the original release



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