Google Challenging Agency Ad Process: Sez Create Your Own Brand Videos for YouTube
[Quicker, Cheaper, & Speedier Production & Feedback]

Article Summary


YouTube Labs is now linking brands with YouTube Creators.

How: By Creating a platform for a series of videos for each brand

Disrupts of traditional advertising model & bypasses broadcast, cable TV

Delivers FB & YouTube directly to customer on the video publishing platforms.

YouTube video bloggers growing part of marketing content creation for brands. 


Implications for Ad Agencies, video production houses, publishers, buyers of well as Automotive companies.

Moves Google into a sort of talent brokerage.

Called “Agile Method” by SW developers to achieve better, faster, cheaper ads.

Emphasis on speed to stream, with agency work going straight to production.

Scripts approved, guided by insights & market knowledge from YouTube creators.

Optimized video then put online to listen to conversations & feedback from consumers.

See AD Age article in its entirety
Google Links Brands With YouTube Creators: Are Agencies and Influencer Networks Threatened?




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