chrysler-diesel-issueAnother Shoe has dropped: OEMs other than VW About to be Caught UP in Diesel Emission Scandal; Now Its FCA Challenging EPA Engine Calibrations & Process

Article Summary


FCA accused of using defeating SW in 104,000 Dodge pickups & Jeeps

Allowed diesels to exceed legal limits on toxic emissions of NOx gases.
EPA says engines used undisclosed SW that alters characteristics of emissions controls to exceed NOx limits.

FCA called dispute a “difference of opinion” over whether engine’s “calibrations met the regulations”.

FCA insists it “may be technically deficient but not immoral”.


FCA’s shares plummeted by 16%, though recovered slightly.

Failure to disclose this type of software also breaks the rules.

Any wrongdoing is strongly denied by the company.

Germany’s transport minister insisted an “illegal shut-off device” used.

Many diesels emit far more noxious gases than under test conditions.

Fine of $4 B would not “break its neck in the current environment

American regulators investigate Fiat Chrysler for emissions cheating.
[As Sourced from the Economist]




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