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“Let’s Do Better” Doesn’t Work Anymore: 30 Reasons Why White Males in Hollywood & the Automotive Business Need to Listen, Change, & Act on Inclusion ASAP

Here are 30 Take-Aways from what was said & pro­posed about Inclu­sion:

1. When All are includ­ed then suc­cess is real­ized & diver­si­ty sells & rev­enue goes up
2. It’s time for Hol­ly­wood & Amer­i­ca cor­po­rate to take a stand on Inclu­sion
3. Hol­ly­wood has a “hor­ri­ble track record” in, with & for diver­si­ty
4. Pro­duc­ers are seek­ing to adapt pro­gram­ming to audi­ence pref­er­ences.
5. It is time for Enter­tain­ment indus­try to “put mon­ey where mouth is”.
6. Need to make sure there is a pool of tal­ent & that Green­light­ing is inclu­sive.
7. Stu­dio sys­tem is not cre­at­ing an inclu­sive work envi­ron­ment
8. Women in Hol­ly­wood are men­tor­ing younger women to be deci­sion mak­ers.
9. Being over 50 is a prob­lem but per­cep­tion of age is chang­ing slow­ly.
10. 70% of Dis­pos­able Income is from peo­ple over 50
11. Peo­ple should not have to tell their age in appli­ca­tions or work sit­u­a­tions.
12. We are becom­ing an Age­less Soci­ety
13. “Let’s do bet­ter” has not worked: There is Talk but then it stops
14. The Acad­e­my has invit­ed 683 new mem­bers this year
15. 40% of movie goers are peo­ple of col­or
16. Peo­ple want to ulti­mate­ly be seen as one race.
17. The use of dig­i­tal plat­forms is cre­at­ing inclu­sion oppor­tu­ni­ties.
18. When mon­ey comes in – diver­si­ty too fre­quent­ly goes out
19. Lots of Les­bians have been “killed off” in Hol­ly­wood
20. There is a Call to Arm in Hol­ly­wood about Inclu­sion
21. Asians seem to be doing well with pro­gram­ming & inclu­sion
22. Dis­abil­i­ty is being nor­mal­ized as we all have “issues”
23. White Boys Club is chang­ing as per­cep­tion of women is one of pow­er.
24. A “Stop Inter­rupt­ing One Anoth­er” effort is under­way in meet­ings
25. Authen­tic­i­ty is key to effec­tive sto­ry telling; Peo­ple have a BS Detec­tor
26. There is no safe­ty in a Herd Men­tal­i­ty
27. TV is doing bet­ter with Inclu­sion than Film
28. Hol­ly­wood Oppor­tu­ni­ty: Peo­ple need to “See it “to “be it”
29. There is uncon­scious bias every­where and in every­body
30. “It takes time to be diverse” (Nor­man Lear)

Inclu­sion Con­fer­ence Stand Outs:

Every pan­el & pre­sen­ter was impact­ful and artic­u­late. Here are six that were par­tic­u­lar­ly effec­tive and insight­ful in their pre­sen­ta­tions

• Dawn Hud­son, CEO The Acad­e­my

• Giselle Fer­nan­dez, Broad­cast­er, CBS, NBC

• Julie Ann Cromett, Enter­tain­ment Edu­ca­tor for Google

• Jen­nifer Salke, Pres­i­dent, NBC

• Christy Haubeg­ger, CAA

• Norm Lear, Cre­ator & Pro­duc­er

See and take in quotes from many pre­sen­ters that cap­ture what came down at this game chang­ing con­fer­ence at
Voic­es of Inclu­sion: Quotes and Quips from Variety’s Diver­si­ty Sum­mit

Edi­to­r­i­al Assess­ment by Chuck Park­er, Pub­lish­er, Auto­mo­tive Infor­ma­tion Net­work 310 265‑2225,



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