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“Let’s Do Better” Doesn’t Work Anymore: 30 Reasons Why White Males in Hollywood & the Automotive Business Need to Listen, Change, & Act on Inclusion ASAP

Here are 30 Take-Aways from what was said & proposed about Inclusion:

1. When All are included then success is realized & diversity sells & revenue goes up
2. It’s time for Hollywood & America corporate to take a stand on Inclusion
3. Hollywood has a “horrible track record” in, with & for diversity
4. Producers are seeking to adapt programming to audience preferences.
5. It is time for Entertainment industry to “put money where mouth is”.
6. Need to make sure there is a pool of talent & that Greenlighting is inclusive.
7. Studio system is not creating an inclusive work environment
8. Women in Hollywood are mentoring younger women to be decision makers.
9. Being over 50 is a problem but perception of age is changing slowly.
10. 70% of Disposable Income is from people over 50
11. People should not have to tell their age in applications or work situations.
12. We are becoming an Ageless Society
13. “Let’s do better” has not worked: There is Talk but then it stops
14. The Academy has invited 683 new members this year
15. 40% of movie goers are people of color
16. People want to ultimately be seen as one race.
17. The use of digital platforms is creating inclusion opportunities.
18. When money comes in – diversity too frequently goes out
19. Lots of Lesbians have been “killed off” in Hollywood
20. There is a Call to Arm in Hollywood about Inclusion
21. Asians seem to be doing well with programming & inclusion
22. Disability is being normalized as we all have “issues”
23. White Boys Club is changing as perception of women is one of power.
24. A “Stop Interrupting One Another” effort is underway in meetings
25. Authenticity is key to effective story telling; People have a BS Detector
26. There is no safety in a Herd Mentality
27. TV is doing better with Inclusion than Film
28. Hollywood Opportunity: People need to “See it “to “be it”
29. There is unconscious bias everywhere and in everybody
30. “It takes time to be diverse” (Norman Lear)

Inclusion Conference Stand Outs:

Every panel & presenter was impactful and articulate. Here are six that were particularly effective and insightful in their presentations

• Dawn Hudson, CEO The Academy

• Giselle Fernandez, Broadcaster, CBS, NBC

• Julie Ann Cromett, Entertainment Educator for Google

• Jennifer Salke, President, NBC

• Christy Haubegger, CAA

• Norm Lear, Creator & Producer

See and take in quotes from many presenters that capture what came down at this game changing conference at
Voices of Inclusion: Quotes and Quips from Variety’s Diversity Summit

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