Un-Stuck in LA Traffic: Future of Transportation Panel Takes 40 Year Look & Spells Action Plan Options

Here is what happened during the first half of the conference that featured LA Housing Needs:

A fire and brimstone keynote speech by developer, Bobby Turner, CEO of Turner Impact Capital, outlined why and what LA leaders have to do to meet the population growth, traffic increases, and need for more affordable housing.

A panel of investors, economists, developers, and housing authorities spelled out issues, problems, and constraints involved with managing and producing affordable housing, work force mobilization, and traffic management.

The second half of the conference consisted of an extraordinary panel of transportation experts in metro rail, car sharing, and traffic systems management who seek to cope with increasing population growth and urban development.

These presenters particularly stood out and are captured on the linked LABC YouTube Stream:

Bobby Turner, Turner Impact Capital
Gutsy, straight talking, successful investor developer in disadvantaged urban areas of LA who has innovative investment strategy and is not afraid to use the “F” word to get people’s attention for his 6 “P”s for getting things done.

Herb Wesson, President of LA City Council
Quick, funny and insightful who gives one hope about and renewed confidence in City Government; People can’t be afraid to fail and must partner to get things done.

Ann Sewell, VP California Community Foundation
She is articulate, respected, and controls a lot of funding money that has helped LA City to deal with homeless housing.

Phil Washington, CEO Metro
His leadership has sparked many mega projects in City transportation after being hired in from Denver, where he made big improvements in traffic and urban development. Has crafted plans that have not sunset or look to solving issues with projects costing $120 B in the next 40 years.

Soleta Reynolds, GM, LADOT
Smart, quick with quips, respected and articulates transportation issues, problems, and solutions with definition, perspective, and grace. Wants EV chargers in homes and businesses. And talks about the impact of Uber, Lyft, & car sharing in LA. Mobility as a service,

Nancy Sutley, Chief Sustainability Officer, LADWP
Respected spokesperson with a grasp of numbers, issues, and solutions.

Worthy of Note even with the commercial messaging:

Tim Burr, Lyft
Shad Balch, Chevrolet

Note: This partial “Digestion” of this timely conference is a part of the on-going focus by Automotive Information Network and Automotive Digest to find, signify, and cover the future of Automotive and Transportation Systems Management.



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