ridesharingThe Ride Sharing Business:Is a Bar Mitzvah Moment Approaching?

Article Summary

Who wrote this great article? Aswath Damodaran, Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business at New York University, where he teaches corporate finance and equity valuation

The Situation:

Aswath wrote a very comprehensive, analytical, and probably brilliant article about Ride Sharing in Seeking Alpha in August.
He is basically saying that disruptive Ride Sharing has got to make money

Summary or Significance of What He said:

• Disruption is easy but making money off disruption is difficult, and ride sharing companies would be exhibit 1 to back up the proposition.

• While the ride sharing option is here to stay and will continue to grow, ride sharing companies still have not figured out a way to convert ride sharing revenues in profits.

• I have argued every young growth company has a bar mitzvah moment, a time in its history when markets shift attention away from surface measures of growth to more operating substance (evidence that users are being monetized).

• This may be premature but I have sense that the bar mitzvah moment has arrived or will be arriving soon for ride sharing companies.

This article is must reading for all automotive startups so go get it



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