Mentor Graphics Video - Dr Lawrence -Picture1 Transforming Mobility:
The Signal in the Noise

Article Summary

The Situation that Produced this Video:

A company called Mentor Graphics, based in Oregon, staged an extraordinary conference at Ford, Dearborn, in June.

The distinguished speakers made very technical presentations about the latest in autonomous
vehicles, the technology of connected cars and engineering breakthroughs.

AIN Media has sought to identify and stream videos of presentation that are timely and informative for
C-Level automotive & business executives.

Significance of this Video:

Dr. Larry Burns, former VP of R&D at GM, explores the forces shaping the future of mobility and the automobile. He is a major voice for the reinvention of the automobile and the diversification of transportation energy.

Why should you watch and listen to this video: It frames a number of scenarios framing this future and give you advice and actionable on how to prepare for the inevitable transformation of how people
move around.

The last 25 minutes will give you one of the most inclusive presentations on the future of mobility and automotive technology. If you don’t watch – then make sure you listen and make notes and be
informed and ready to brief your boss.

What is the best part of the video for the typical industry executive? Probably starting
at the 35 minute timeline.



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