Trucks Start Seeing Greater Price Declines than Cars

Anil Goyal
Senior VP of Automotive Valuation and Analytics
Black Book

Black Book took a close look at Q1 2016 to analyze segment depreciation trends. While much of the depreciation attention over the past year has focused on cars, the first quarter of 2016 saw a few truck segments show heavier depreciation, including Full-size Luxury Utilities and Full-size Pickups. For last week, Luxury car and SUV segments had relatively poor performance while most other car and Crossover/SUV segments showed good week over week retention.

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Mid-Size Car, Full-Size Crossover/SUV and Sub-Compact Crossover Had Lowest Depreciation:
Minivan, Prestige Luxury Car and Compact Van segment had largest decline in Q1.

Near Luxury Car, Luxury Car and Prestige Luxury Car Showed Larger Declines:
Full-Size Car and Sub-Compact Car were only car segments with an increase in value.

Overall Truck Values Decreased by 0.39% Last Week:
Sub-Compact Crossover only truck segment with increase at +0.21%.



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