Stable Commercial Truck Values Seen in First Quarter

Chris Visser
Senior Analyst and Product Manager
ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide

Overall commercial vehicle volume and pricing has been less volatile in the first quarter of this year. February retail sales data was indicating stable to downward pricing and volume. February auction volume was similar to the second half of 2015, and pricing was steady. March retail sales results should be similar to slightly higher in volume, with pricing mildly lower. Auction volume and pricing data should be similar to February.

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Model Year 2011-2013 Sleeper Tractors Lost 5% Retail Value in January:
Preliminary February data was pointing to another 4% loss month-over-month.

Class 4 Conventionals Began this Year Nearly 6% Lower than Year Earlier:
Class 6 conventionals fared better at $25,881, 3% lower than January 2015.

Retail Channel Still Has Some Pent-Up Value Depreciation to Cycle through:
Staying with estimate of roughly 4% depreciation per month into the second quarter.



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