Commercial Vehicles Had Very Strong Fourth Quarter

Gary Meteer
Director, Commercial Vehicle Solutions
IHS Automotive

Used commercial vehicles in the GVW 3-8 categories had a very strong Q4 in 2015. Sales were up 176,000 units – 14.3% above the same period in 2014. Used vehicles made up 50.7% of total commercial vehicle sales transactions during that time. Strong used truck transactions during the fourth quarter pushed used transactions for the full calendar year to 755,109 units, the second best calendar year total since IHS started keeping these records in 2005.

See the press release from IHS on used commercial vehicle transactions

Transaction in 2015 Calendar Year 6.2% Better than in 2014:
Transactions last year only 4.6% below the record level during 2011 calendar year.

One Anomaly is Large Fleets Registering 74.1% of New Vehicle Registrations:
While 78.4% of vehicles on the highway operated by fleets of less than 500 units.

GVW 3 and GVW 8 Vehicles Had Highest Level of Used Transactions in 2015:
At 244,000 units and 272,000 units respectively, with GVW 3 at record level in 2015.


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