Drive Sales of Your Premium One-Owner Inventory

You’ve probably heard the perfect used car being described by some as “the one grandma bought new and only drove to church on Sundays”. While actually finding this car may be a pipedream for most of us, it’s a statement that shows just how much used car buyers care about how many owners a car had before them. Many people covet one-owner cars and are willing to pay a premium for one. As a dealer, it’s in your best interest to be on top of your one-owner mix and showcase these stars of your inventory.

The folks at Myrtle Beach Hyundai pay close attention to theirs. “People get a great feeling from buying a car that’s had only one owner,” says general manager Robert Wingate. “It’s one of the main reasons our retention efficiency is so high, the highest in our group in fact. Our customers know we’ve always got a lot full of Carfax® 1-Owner cars.” Every month the Carfax rep for Myrtle Beach Hyundai delivers a report showing the percentage of Carfax 1-Owner vehicles in their inventory. Plus, at any time, someone at the dealership can log into their Carfax account and see the total number and specific vehicles by VIN that are Carfax 1-Owner. You can do all this, too, as a Carfax dealer.

Opportunities abound since more than half of the average Carfax dealer’s inventory is made up of one-owner units. Whether at acquisition, in your advertising or during retail, Carfax has tools that make it easy for you to identify these cars and turn them quicker. Most important, Carfax Advantage® Dealers are putting their Carfax 1-Owner inventory in front of the rapidly growing number of people shopping on With customers able to choose only Carfax 1-Owner cars to show on the SRPs, Carfax Used Car Listings™ helps drive these one-owner fanatics to your stores.

Become a Carfax Advantage Dealer and get your inventory up on Carfax Used Car Listings today by calling 888-788-7715.




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