Used Truck Depreciation Should Moderately Accelerate

Chris Visser
Senior Analyst and Product Manager
ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide

For the third quarter in used commercial truck sales, retail volume was depressed and wholesale volume was strong. Used vehicle prices was down slightly in both the retail and wholesale channels. Used truck depreciation is expected to moderately accelerate through the end of this year. Supply should continue to increase and price declines is typical for this time of year as winter demand patterns take hold.

Here’s the latest Commercial Truck Guide Industry Update

For Retail Sleeper Tractors, August Prices Were Up 0.2% Over August 2014:
Mileage was down 5.4% to 482,914 average, and trucks were two months newer.

Wholesale Sleeper Tractors Up 8.7% in August Volume Over Previous Year:
Three-to-four year old sleeper tractors depreciating at similar rate to last year.

Makers Watching for “Pre-Buy” Period as 2021 MY EPA Emissions Rules Change:
Pre-buy has been where new trucks artificially spike in sales right before new emissions technology introduced.


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