Cars Expected to Depreciate Faster than Trucks for Rest of Year

Anil Goyal
VP of Automotive Valuation and Analytics
Black Book

Black Book sees most car segments continuing at a more accelerated depreciation rate than truck segments; that trend is likely continue through the rest of the year. Depreciation has remained constant for cars and trucks in the past few months, with cars seeing larger price declines than trucks in most segments. Luxury, Near-Luxury, and Prestige Luxury cars continue have much lighter value deprecation than most other car segments.

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Used Car Values Decreased by 0.60% – Largest Rate Since 3rd Week of June:
Compact Cars saw large value depreciation in past week – down 1.27%.

Trucks Down 0.35% – Higher than Last Week but Lower than Two Weeks Ago:
Compact Pickups and Full-Size CUVs saw largest dollar adjustments in past week.

Powersports Vehicles and Heavy Duty Trucks See Depreciation Increase:
Collectible car market continues to be strong, with auctions featuring all types of vehicles.



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