Top 3 Things Dealers Want Their Online Listings to Have

It’s no secret that practically all your customers go online first when looking for a used car. Putting your inventory up on a website – be it your own, a third party listing site or a combination of both – is a must. Trusted sites like CARFAX® Used Car Listings especially help maximize your market reach and expo­sure to ready-to-buy customers. So what features of an online listings site are most important to dealers? According to John Durkin with Jack Daniels Auto Group in New Jersey, a site with no banner ads creates “a pure shopping experience, because now the customer isn’t being influenced by anybody and they’re just simply looking at a car and not worrying about other distractions.”

Next, a listings site optimized for mobile devices gives people on smartphones and tablets the same experience and functionality as they would get on their desktop. “CARFAX has definitely done a good job in their mobile technology. If you’re not on it, you’re not in it. So, it’s really an effective tool.”

Connecting customers on a listings site directly to the dealer’s website is the final and most important element for Durkin. “You guys (CARFAX) understand the marketplace and you get these customers to us and you let us do what we do best. That’s the best of both worlds.”

CARFAX Used Car Listings delivers these benefits and more to CARFAX Advantage® Dealers. Get your inventory up on CARFAX Used Car Listings today by calling 888-788-7715.



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