CARFAX Focused on Connecting Online Shoppers with Dealers

Turn on your TV and chances are you’ll see the universally-known Car Fox helping consumers have a better online shopping experience. That’s because CARFAX® is in the midst of its biggest marketing campaign ever, connecting customers with CARFAX Advantage® Dealers through CARFAX Used Car Listings. In fact, CARFAX is investing more than $1 million in advertising alone every week to send buyers interested in your inventory on directly to your website and store. Using vehicle history to help guide a buyer’s search, having no ads or new car competition, and providing numerous connection points to the selling dealer are all unique to CARFAX Used Car Listings. Buyers coming to CARFAX Advantage Dealers are better informed and more ready-to-buy. “That’s important to me and our entire sales staff,” says Rich Mahon, GM of Toyota South Atlanta. “Something like 86 percent of the people we get from CARFAX Used Car Listings are customers that end up buying from us. Those results are stunning. We love how CARFAX is putting their advertising to work for dealers and helping us sell more cars. It’s working; an informed, confident buyer is the best kind.” To become a CARFAX Advantage Dealer and get your inventory on CARFAX Used Car Listings call 888-788-7715.



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