Used Cars Saw Twice the Depreciation Rate as Trucks Last Week

Anil Goyal
VP of Automotive Valuation and Analytics
Black Book

Cars segments depreciated at twice the rate of trucks last week. Volume-weighted car values decreased by 0.62%, which was higher than the depreciation rate seen in the previous four weeks. Truck values decreased by 0.27%, at the average depreciation rate that’s been seen in the previous four weeks. Car depreciation had picked up slightly from the week before; trucks were stronger on the market, but two segments saw a market correction.

Here’s the latest edition of Black Book Market Insights

Full-Size Car, Upper Mid-Size Car and Compact Car Dropped in Value Over 0.75%:
Sporty cars and luxury cars performed relatively better than overall car segments.

Compact Pickup and Full Size Cargo Van Segments Had Market Correction:
After several weeks of strong value retention for these two truck segments.

Gap Between Diesel and Gasoline Prices Has Been Eroding Lately:
Gasoline price decreased by $0.032 to $2.802, and diesel saw same price drop to finish week at $2.782.



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