Protect Your Business and Customers from Odometer Rollbacks with CARFAX

The recent arrest of a Kansas City man accused of rolling back odometers and selling them to unsuspecting buyers is further evidence that odometer fraud is an ongoing problem for dealers and consumers. In fact, CARFAX® research suggests that nearly 200,000 new cases of odometer fraud like this one happen every year. Many people mistakenly believe that digital odometers cannot be tampered with, but in reality, may actually be easier to alter than the old analog ones.

This perception has left some dealers susceptible to acquiring and retailing these potentially dangerous cars. Fortunately, there’s a solution available to help all dealers avoid this problem – the CARFAX Advantage® Dealer program. As a CARFAX Advantage Dealer, you can run as many CARFAX Vehicle History Reports™ as you need to help spot and avoid potential problems like odometer rollbacks. And, by putting your inventory on CARFAX Used Car Listings, you’ll be doing your part in protecting consumers from this scam, too.

With news stations alerting consumers when fraud occurs, more people are turning to trusted places like to shop for used cars. CARFAX Used Car Listings helps easily connect buyers with your dealership and inventory. Plus, the CARFAX Vehicle History Reports you run are included with every vehicle you put on CARFAX Used Car Listings. Seeing CARFAX information at no cost with every car helps your customers buy with greater confidence.

Protect your business and your customers, and connect with more down-funnel online shoppers with CARFAX. Become a CARFAX Advantage Dealer and post your inventory on CARFAX Used Car Listings today. To sign up, call 888–788‑7715.


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