Used Car Listings Help Dealers With Changing Sales Trend

CNBC - December 2, 2014

CNBC just covered the new vehicle sales trend on how truck/SUV sales are outpacing sedan sales. Dealers participating in CARFAX’s Advantage Dealers programs are finding its Used Car Listings another great benefit as sales trends continue to change………

• With SUVs/Trucks in great demand, CARFAX Advantage Dealers can list their highly sought-after trucks and SUVs on CARFAX Enhanced Used Car Listings. Listings for CARFAX Advantage Dealers include many features such as: vehicle price and description, unlimited photos, link to CARFAX Report, multiple ways to contact the dealer, detailed monthly reports and more.
• CARFAX Used Car Listings offers dealers the chance to advertise their vehicle listings on a trusted third party site with no ads distracting shoppers from their inventory.
• Vehicle history search only on helps shoppers find the truck/SUV they want in your inventory.



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