TCOPlus Performs Alternative Powertrain Scans for Company Fleets

TCOPlus, European market provider of independent taxation and fleet reporting, has developed a unique powertrain scan. The program combines the 3 key challenges of alternative engines: driver usage patterns, business case and the implementation.

The objective of the scan is to evaluate the feasibility to include alternative powertrains in the fleet strategy of the company matching the TCO, including all taxation effects, and the different mobility patterns of the employees using the company vehicles.

TCOPlus has developed a unique approach combining a “mobility mapper” tool and a state- to-the-art powertrain calculator tool, which reflects “TCO(plus taxes)” costs of vehicles. In order to successfully introduce alternative power trains in a fleet, a more driver focused approach is necessary considering the individual mobility patterns of the company vehicle drivers. These patterns are to be mapped against the typical user profiles for the different powertrains, including EV, hybrid, CNG, etc.) and the related TCO(plus taxes) calculations.

Finally, alternative powertrains require adaptations within the car policy in order to reflect the specialties deriving from the new technology, resulting in the need for company specific solutions, which need to be considered when implementing an alternative powertrain strategy.

Combining five key elements to an outstanding fleet program, TCOPlus will provide fleet operators with the answer how alternative powertrains effect their fleet strategy:

• A tailored TCO calculation including tax effects of the different alternative powertrains based on the company fleet policy

• A mapping of the mobility patterns for the employees in scope by means of on-line questionnaires, respecting any privacy sensitivity

• Matching the mobility patterns with the typical user profiles of the alternative powertrains and with the related TCO(Plus taxes) calculations

• Providing an optimized fleet situation including alternative powertrains in terms of TCO, driver satisfaction and environmental footprint

• Ideas, do’s and don’ts for implementation of these alternative powertrains as part of an Individualized policy guidelines

To learn more, visit TCOPlus.

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