NAFA IFA: The Best & Brightest Minds in Global Fleet Management

NAFA’s International Fleet Academy (IFA) is taking place November 5-7 at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, FL. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of those who manage fleets outside of the United States and Canada, and offers fleet professionals the tools to gain understanding, and the opportunity to discuss the problems and challenges they’re facing with some of the brightest minds in global fleet management.

Here is a sampling of the dynamic educational sessions offered at NAFA’s International Fleet Academy:

IFA Plugs Into Global Policy Structure and Governance
Ever tried plugging an American appliance into a European power outlet? Or how about dropping a domestic DVD into a machine overseas? These may be broad analogies, but it is clear: just because things appear to function the same, that doesn’t mean they will. When global fleet managers structure their policies for international purposes, all the variables of culture, region, and economics are brought to bear. There is no single solution that fits all problems, or one plug that will work in every outlet worldwide.

On Wednesday, November 5, Joe LaRosa, CPA, NAFA International Vice President and Director of Global Fleet Services, Merck & Co. presents the session “Global Policy Structure and Governance.”  LaRosa will lead a discussion on fleet centralization versus regionalized structure, standardization of goods and services, staffing, how to identify and visit the right regional people, and more. An early adopter of globalized fleet management, LaRosa will share his experience in dealing with budget challenges when starting a global initiative and why having a sound travel budget allocation is critical to success.

IFA Shows Global Fleet Managers Important Leasing and Funding Strategies
Global fleet managers have a wide range of differences between the regions and fleets they oversee, but one task is fundamental in every single one of them: you have to get the vehicles for the drivers to drive. That’s going to cost money, processes will vary, and the differences between funding alternatives on a global scale often lead to confusion.

On Thursday, November 6, Jeff Schlesinger, Managing Director for GE Commercial Finance, presents a session that is sure to help global fleet managers, new and experienced alike, “Global Funding Differences Using Finance Leases, Operating Leases, and Capital Allocation Strategies.” Schlesinger explains differences between global availability of funding for differently structured leases.

Attendees will explore issues such as the logic of self-funding and other market-based considerations. Schlesinger will also provide an update on pending International Accounting Standards Board changes and the latest anticipated impact on U.S. lease accounting.

IFA Leads Discussion on Implementing a Global Sustainable Drive Chain
Responsibility is not confined to one country or one hemisphere. An effective sustainability culture, like an effective corporate culture, extends from the top of the ladder down to every rung. There is, after all, only one shared atmosphere and the burden to maintain it rests upon every conscientious business entity. And still, old habits die hard, and old ways may not be prone to change. How does the international fleet manager address the subject of the global sustainable drive chain with authority and responsiveness?

On Friday, November 7, Moderator Peter Egan, Partner, Fleet Vision, will engage a panel of respected fleet leaders on the subject “Implementing a Global Sustainable Drive Chain.”

CO2 reduction requirements adopted around the world continue to challenge global fleet managers to meet differing needs based on territories, vehicle cargo, and functional requirements, size of fleet, and more. And yet, many worldwide fleets rely on fixed selector lists, sticking with the same make and model over time. What they may gain in consistency, you might be losing in opportunities to run a cleaner fleet.

“NAFA is whole-heartedly committed to sustainable fleets,” said NAFA Chief Executive Officer Phillip E. Russo, CAE. “It goes far beyond geographic borders. How fleets address this now has a direct impact on the future for us all. NAFA’s International Fleet Academy is an affirmation of that commitment and I encourage all fleet managers to take part in this presentation.”

Learn More about IFA

NAFA’s International Fleet Academy helps attendees build the specialized skills needed for the expanding and changing fleet environment across diverse world markets. Attendees will leave with a standard of excellence for their dealings within and outside their organization, with customers, suppliers, and drivers among others.

The conference is a “must” for companies and organizations with global fleets, as well as corporate global fleet managers; corporate fleet directors; procurement specialists; corporate executives with reporting responsibility for their organization’s fleet operations; fleet personnel who assist fleet managers and directors in their global fleet operations; and fleet managers, directors, and executives who want to learn more about multi-national fleet operations.

For a limited time, attendees who register before September 30 can take advantage of early-bird pricing. More information is available at:



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