GPS Tracking Helps Your Fleet Work Smarter, Not Harder

Do you know that your fleet may be working harder than needed, and getting less done than possible? This could be the case if you have not adopted GPS tracking software to your fleet operations. Utilizing a GPS tracking solution, like GPS Insight, can help your fleet be more productive in less time by automating processes that use to make fleet management more time consuming than necessary.

  • Automate Maintenance – Don’t waste time manually logging odometer readings to keep track of which vehicles are due for service, a GPS tracking solution will already know this information. Not only is this a time consuming process, it is unnecessary when GPS tracking software can track odometer readings for your fleet in real-time.
  • Save Time in a Customer Emergency – Be able to respond as quickly as possible in a customer emergency with access to real-time locations. There will be no need to pick up the phone to identify which driver is closest with the best vehicle for the job – you will already know this information.
  • Simplify Invoicing – Don’t spend limitless time “record keeping” to stay on top of invoices. GPS tracking technology keeps track of dates and times you serviced customers to ensure invoice accuracy.
  • Provide Proof of Service – Have the ability to quick pull a report to see the exact dates and times a technician serviced a customer. This information will help out during a customer dispute and will increase customer service.

There are many other ways that GPS tracking technology can help your fleet become more efficient. Don’t work more to ultimately get less done, help your fleet be more productive by with a GPS tracking solution.

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