Bishop Fleet Optimization Congratulates Australasian Fleet Manager of the Year

Bishop Fleet Optimization congratulates Kevin McEwan, Transport Manager for the Melbourne Health Service, who was named Australasian Fleet Manager of the Year on Thursday, September 11th, at the AfMA 2014 Fleet Awards held in Melbourne, Australia.

McEwan manages a large, dynamic vehicle fleet for Melbourne Health and two other nearby health organizations across more than 30 sites and healthcare facilities dispersed throughout the area. Vehicle availability is paramount because of the critical duty of the fleet vehicles to facilitate the delivery of health services in the community. McEwan was able to improve services to clients in an environment of diminishing funds and an aging fleet.

To maintain a balance on this operational tightrope, McEwan worked with Bishop Fleet Optimization (BFO) to measure actual vehicle usage and implement strategies to improve utilization, reduce vehicle numbers while still meeting 100% of vehicle demand.

Melbourne Health was able to quantify the required number of vehicles needed to satisfy operational requirements at each site in two steps:

First, BFO Global Positioning System (GPS) data loggers tracked vehicle movement over the course of five weeks in accordance with accepted best practice. Next, BFO consultants analyzed the data and worked with McEwan to develop recommendations that included both the expansion of its vehicle pooling program and identification of surplus fleet vehicles for disposal.

McEwan reports ongoing success in improving fleet operational efficiency while continuing to meet the needs of the patients it serves: “Melbourne Health Service has realized a 28% reduction in vehicle count, a substantial return from surplus vehicle sales and sizeable operating cost savings.”

BFO Global Managing Director Derrick Bishop credited McEwan’s vision and courage in adopting the changes: “Kevin understood the benefits of a GPS-based fleet right-sizing snapshot in order to win support from executive management as well all the other fleet stakeholders. Mileage or VAM analysis convinces no one of the need for change so Kevin’s approach was right on target.”

“Kevin also understands that, like other fleet costs, optimization is a moving target. So, he is reviewing the fleet every three years in order to maintain efficiency. For these reasons, and for the many other innovations Kevin has made in his position, he is a deserving winner of the Fleet Manager of the Year award!”

About Bishop Fleet Optimization

BISHOP Fleet Optimization (BFO) is a multi-national Fleet Optimization consulting firm that leads the Fleet Vehicle Utilization Audit industry. Its 5-week GPS snapshot audit approach has transformed the way organizations optimize fleet size. The “closed loop” data collection process and rich operations information ensure quality decisions are made based on irrefutable facts. It is why Government and private companies internationally now rely on BFO to optimize fleet size and build the strongest possible cases for change.


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