Why It Makes More Sense To Lease An Electric Vehicle

Editor’s Notation: Here is the entire press release from Swaplease”s agency, Merit Mile. See the detail behind the 4 reasons for leasing an electric.

A report released recently from industry research firm IHS Automotive says that supply of electric vehicles will rise a whopping 67% throughout 2014.

However, USA Today reported in December that EV’s are “worthless” after 5 years because of such dramatic depreciation. What’s a consumer to do?

With more EV cars entering the marketplace, along with a hesitant consumer attitude to commit to them for the long term, here are four main reasons why it makes sense to lease an electric vehicle:

  • Extremely low monthly payments: The majority of states and the Federal Government kick in incentives for having an electric car, too. Consumers purchasing an EV can expect nothing under $30,000. Chevrolet, Fiat, Nissan, and Smart have deals that make monthly payments only $199.
  • Technology upgrades: Consumers can upgrade the technology under the hood more frequently by swapping out for the next best battery or the new EV with better safety features.
  • Low mileage use: Mileage limits on leases become an afterthought since electric cars are widely used for local commutes only.
  • Depreciation. The Chevy Spark is projected only be worth 28% of its value after 5 years, and the Ford Focus EV has an even lower projection of 20%.

You can gain more info and background about this by a discussion with discuss with Scot Hall, the Executive Vice President of Swapalease.com. Or you can talk to Merit Mile at www.meritmile.com.

A copy of the release about the IHS Automotive report on electric vehicles is on STUDIES AND REPORTS on www.automotivedigest.com

You can see more detail from the LA Times HERE.



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