Which is Right for Your Mobile Marketing Plan: Facebook Pages vs. Ads?

Who is Failing Whom? Is it Facebook who is failing marketers by limiting the visibility of posts, limiting engagement and forcing brands to turn to the elusive Facebook advertisement?

Or, is it marketers who are missing the mark by ineffectively using the platform and failing to realize how to run effective social campaigns?

The answer is probably there are some failures on both sides.

Compelling content
Facebook now has 1.15 billion active users, with more than 800 million of these coming from a mobile device.

With mobile use of Facebook continuing to grow, this means brands must shift away from designing content for desktop and make sure their content is optimized for a smartphone’s small screen. Facebook Tabs should be optimized for mobile as well as any landing pages that users can link to.

Better contests
One way Facebook is making it easier for brands to create compelling content on their pages is with contests.

For example, Facebook made a change enabling brands to run contests through their page within a page post without having to create an app or tab.

Some brands are also creating separate content for paid page posts.

Since sharing is so easy on mobile, it is also important to make sure content is shareable. For example, photos and images are some of the most shared content on Facebook.

Social ads
Brands can also leverage advertising in the newsfeed to expand the visibility of content with the ability to reach a wider audience and to target ads. Ads can also be used to drive video views, app downloads and to drive users to a landing page.

The need for brands to have an advertising presence on Facebook is growing as the newsfeed takes on a more prominent role.

Brand advocates
There is an ongoing discussion about exactly how effective Facebook ads are, with a recent Forrester survey revealing that few marketers see much business value in Facebook ads.

Instead, brands should focus on empowering brand advocates to tell their story.

With such a small percentage of page fans returning to the brand page and the fact that people, especially millennials, hate ads, brands need to find new ways to get their voice head on the platform.

Brands need to build relationships with brand advocates and empower them to create and share content about the brand, organically and authentically spreading the brand’s message on Facebook.

This is a much more effective way for brands to market on Facebook considering 92 percent of users trust recommendations from family and friends over all other forms of advertising.

Pages are clearly an important strategy for brands, even with the recent changes. Going forward advertising on Facebook is likely to play a bigger role.

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