Warning to OEMs: Do Not Turn Cars Into Data Monsters

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New cars going into ser­vice every­day know where the dri­vers are, where they are going, and whether the dri­ver is wear­ing a seat­belt.

Today’s cars are col­lect­ing, stor­ing, and even send­ing as much data as cell phones are.

What Does This Mean?

  • First ques­tions are: Who owns all this data? Are there any lim­its?
  • VW Head, Mar­tin Win­terko­rn, is real­ly con­cerned & warn­ing all
  • Spoke in con­vinc­ing terms at Hanover CeBIT IT fair last week
  • The car of the future must not be a data mon­ster, he says
  • VW says yes to bug data but seeks vol­un­tary com­mit­ment from OEMs
  • Sen­sors and micro­proces­sors col­lect­ing data for years
  • Con­nect­ed  car mar­ket to be $113B by 2020
  • Social net­works, GPS & telem­at­ics sys­tems pro­duc­ing  data
  • Over 5M cars are being tracked by insur­ance com­pa­nies
  • SIM card tech­nol­o­gy enabling dri­vers to use in emer­gency


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