Black Book Looks at Tax Season Trends for Four Vehicle Segments

Ricky Beggs
Editorial Director
Black Book

The expected price drop of 13.5% this year versus 12.8% last year is expected to continue. This pattern is being offset for the next couple of months as buyers use tax rebate checks to purchase used cars during “tax buying season.” Black Book has been compiling and reporting on data for four vehicle segments that may show price increases in the near-term.

Here’s Black Book’s detailed report on four key used car segments to watch

Entry-Level Cars Led All Segments in Price Gains in March-April 2013:
Continued gas price stabilization makes it difficult to repeat least year’s 1.5% increase.

Compact Cars Saw 1% Increase Last Year After 5% Decline for 3 Months:
Increased supply in market might make a repeat price increase difficult this year.

Mid-Size Pickup Trucks Increased by 0.7% March 1 – May 1 Last Year:
Contrary to compact cars, prices should increase this year even with lower supply.



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